This photo journal documents the refurbishing of a 100 year old Crescent Bandsaw. Drop in any time as the work progresses.

From 1903 Crescent Machine Co. Catalogue

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Click to enlarge. We found it under this tree -- no joke. June 13/2004 At a farm estate sale, Adrian called me over : "Hey Al you want to buy a bandsaw?" Now I don't know steel but Adrian's a steel fabricator so -- after making a show of looking looking it over I said "sure." An Internet search found Keith Rucker who maintains the Old Woodworking Machines website. When he saw the photo to the left, he promptly replied to my email saying that "based on the design of the feet I can tell you the machine is pre 1910." We started to get mildly excited.
Click to enlarge June 18/2004 "Shipping weight 950 lbs" says the 1903 catalogue. Maybe it lost weight sitting in the field because we managed to wiggle, tip and pry-bar it onto a small trailer. When Keith Rucker saw this photo, he sent another email: the upper bearing assembly dates it between 1897-1904.
Click to enlarge June 18/2004 Left - Alan Randall / Right - Adrian Goyer. Best regards to all :-)
Click to enlarge June 19/2004 Cutting off a tough nut with a 100 year old hacksaw. Kinda poetic ain't it? Three small bolts broke inside the casting but they'll come out ok.
Click to enlarge June 19/2004 Throughout its history enough oil was poured in the little troughs at the top of this bearing assembly to keep the Babbet bearings in great shape. Those square-head nuts and bolts are irreplaceable but none of them broke.
Click to enlarge June 19/2004 A dime sized piece broke off this crank but we can weld it back on. The all important worm gear above the crank was in pristine condition and the upper assembly turned smoothly after a lube job.
Click to enlarge June 19/2004 Ready for the sandblaster. We're still hoping to find a serial number under the paint.
December 23/2005 Painted and almost ready to mount the belts for the motor. Adrian on left, niece Karen on right.
December 23/2005 Still looking for the right guides and it's almost time to fabricate a safety gaurd for the blade.

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