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Noteworthy Links

http://www.picframer.ca/index.html Andrew London's website. Andy is a friend and mentor to many woodworkers.

http://www.suewalters.com Professional pyrographer Sue Walters has uncovered a treasure-trove of great resources which you can begin to discover for yourself in Pyrography Workbook. I highly recommend this book for beginners and experienced woodburners alike.

http://www.carvingpatterns.com Helpful carving tutorials, pattern samples and a huge supply of project ideas from the generous L.S. Irish.

http://www.chipcarving.com Wayne Barton - chip carving at its best.

http://www.leevalley.com Hard to beat this mail order store for customer service - its not just "lip service" they do the right stuff.

http://surrey.signsbcilluminated.com/ Contact SignsBC for your laser engraving needs.

[This list will grow]